24th December

Today we have a medley of songs from our church family. Happy Christmas everyone! 

23rd December

Here's a video that helps us to recap the whole nativity story. What did you remember throughout Advent?

22nd December

Today we have a song that reminds us how we should rejoice (be very happy) at the news of Jesus.

21st December

Today we have a medley of songs to dance and sing along to. They show us the excitement about Christmas as we celebrate Jesus being born. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

20th December

As we've said many times, advent is about Jesus coming to earth. Today's song reminds us of some of the things Jesus did and how powerful He is. 

19th December

Wow, only 6 days to go! Join in with the actions and sing along to this song! 

18th December

Today we have a challenge. Write a short poem about advent. Or write a short poem about what Christmas is really all about. 

17th December

We have another song today. This song is about the promise of Jesus and his kingdom that will never end. Sing along! What do you think it means for Jesus to be king of everything?

16th December

Here's a video retelling the Christmas story. Why not have a go at performing the Christmas story as a family?

15th December

There's a song to listen to today. It's all about how Jesus is with us all of the time. 

14th December

Today we have a craft for you. There's some baubles for you to decorate. Click here to download them. Why not decorate them with things you've learned so far about advent?

13th December

Listen to this song today all about Jesus coming into the world at Bethlehem.

12th December

We have a challenge today. See if you can spell out the word 'Jesus' using Christmas objects from around your house. Good luck!

11th December

Today we have a short cartoon about Jesus' birth at Bethlehem.

10th December

Today we have a song about the wise men who travelled to find Jesus.

9th December

Today we have a colouring sheet for you. Click here to download it and print it off. 

8th December

Today Georgia is speaking to us about preparing for Christmas.

 7th Decmber

Today we have a short video helping us to remember that Christmas can be a hard time for some people.

6th December

We have a song to sing and dance along to today. Enjoy!

5th December

Today we have a craft. We'll be colouring in our own advent wreaths. Click here to download your template to print off.

4th December

Today we have the first challenge of our advent calendar. 

3rd December

Today we have a short cartoon all about God's plan for Jesus to come to the world.

2nd December

Today we have a song from Emu Music. Think about the lyrics as you listen.

 1st December

Welcome to our advent calendar. Here's a short introduction to Advent.

Advent Calendar December 2021

Join us throughout advent as we reflect on the meaning of Christmas