Who's who

At St Mary’s we believe that every member is involved in the ministry of the church in Summerstown. When you come to visit us please ask anyone what is happening and we would be happy to help you know what's going on. 

If you'd like to get in touch with someone to find out more or would like to have a face to look out for on Sunday, here are some options:
James   Rhys
James Fletcher, Vicar   Rhys Nicholls, Pastoral Assistant
James and his wife, Caroline, moved to St Mary's in 2018. James became a Christian when he was 17, through a school friend introducing him to Jesus. Before St Mary's James worked at churches in Dagenham, Tooting and Oxford. When not vicar-ing he enjoys sport, of all kinds, novels and walking their dog, Flora.   Rhys is married to Georgia and they recently moved to London. Rhys became a Christian at university after Georgia invited him to church. In his spare time Rhys enjoys walks in nature, reading, and trying out a new sport.
Becky Lewis-Crosby, Church Administrator    
I'm Becky and I work for St Mary’s part-time as the administrator. So, if you write any emails to the stmarys@ address then they will end up with me to either answer or forward to whoever needs to see them. I am very happy to answer any questions about the life of St Mary’s. I'm in the church office most mornings so will often answer the phone if you call then or my email address is becky@summerstown.org.uk

I've have been coming to St Mary’s since 2013 and love the church family here. I feel hugely privileged to be able to work in this role and contribute to the life of St Mary’s in this way.  When I’m not doing admin I am a mum on the school and nursery run, and looking after our dog Womble. 
Boots   phil B 2
Eustace Jeffrey, Church Warden   Phil Barker, Church Warden
Jeff is one of our church wardens and with his wife Lily is involved in all sorts of areas at St Mary's.    Phil is married to Bridget, they have three children and four grandchildren. They are both involved in various areas of the Church. Outside of Church, Phil helps out with various charities including a food bank, and various animal charities Phil has a particularly passion for dogs, mainly German Shepherds. 
Lily 2   Caroline
Lily Jeffrey, Safeguarding Officer   Caroline Fletcher, Safeguarding Officer
Lily is one of our safeguarding officers and a Sunday Club leader.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, doing crosswords and playing scrabble.   Caroline is one of our safeguarding officers and a Sunday Club leader. She is married to James and in her spare time enjoys spending time with friends, baking and walks on Wimbledon Common.

If you need to contact the Church please visit the Contact Us page.