Weddings and Baptisms 

Weddings and Banns

To be married in a parish church like St Mary’s, a person has to be eligible to be married in that particular church. If you’re thinking of getting married at St Mary’s, please contact James, the Vicar, in the first instance, as he will be able to tell you whether it’s possible for that to happen.

The reading of Banns is a simple process in which the names of those who intend to be married are read out in church on three Sundays in the three months before they are married. It dates from a time when everyone knew everyone in the local community and it was a way of checking that there was no legal impediment to couples marrying. Even though times have changed it is still the most common legal preparation for a church marriage; parishioners can normally be married in their parish church (with some exceptions).

The Church of England is the church established by the law of England and the Vicar or Rector of C of E churches can act as a ‘Registrar’ and perform wedding ceremonies. Under English law all England is divided into parishes, each of which normally has a parish church and is under the care of a Vicar or Rector.

If you'd like to have you banns read, please contact us.

Baptisms and dedications

If you are interested in baptism (sometimes called a christening), a dedication or confirmation, either for yourself or your child, please come to church one Sunday morning and talk to James, our Vicar. Alternatively contact us: 

You can find out more about baptism in the video below:

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